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Qualified Dyno tuning services

X-Pro Motorcycle Performance Tech Inc provides quality services at great value. You can make sure that your motorcycle is in great condition and will continue to perform efficiently.

During a dyno tuning session we monitor AFR with a wide band O2 sensor and make adjustments to your fuel map to make sure your bike is running at its optimum performance. With our eddy current load control Motorcycle and ATV Dyno we are able to simulate engine load during a tuning session setting our tuning capability's to a new level. Tuning services are available for any carbureted and EFI model. Please contact us today for pricing on all available services.

Optimize Performance and Reliability with our tuning services

X-Pro Motorcycle Performance Tech Inc performs 2 pulls to average your TRUE rear wheel horsepower. Dyno pulls ensure that your motorcycle's performance and efficiency are consistent.


The mechanics at the shop are one step ahead of anyone in the area in terms of quality of the equipment and knowledge.

Test your motorcycle's horsepower


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The experienced mechanics at X-Pro Motorcycle Performance Tech Inc will perform all maintenance and repair services that your motorcycle needs.

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