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Head porting Custom head fixture

X-Pro Performance Tech Inc. Home of reliable performance!

 Not only do we focus on increasing performance but we also give extreme attention to keeping or increasing reliability with all performance modifications.

  • 4 stroke Cylinder head porting

  • 2 stroke Cylinder porting and case matching

  • Engine blueprinting  

  • 3 and 5 angle Valve seat cutting

  • Cylinder Decking

  • Degree and install Spec cam grinds

  • Dyno tuning

Performance Services

Are you looking for added performance for your motorcycle or ATV? The specialists at X-Pro Performance Tech Inc can help you with modifications like increasing compression, Porting 2 stroke cylinders and matching cases, Porting 4 stroke cylinder heads, Machining 3 and 5 angle valve seats to improve valve seat concentricity, Dyno Tuning and more.


State-of-the-art, cutting edge equipment and technologies ensure that you get the best possible performance results with extreme reliability.

Add performance to your motorcycle


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